We are an agency born out of passion… We help people and clients find the essence of their personal style.


Our Professional Services provide an exceptional experience that is second to none. Enjoy the benefits of having your own stylist and an entire creative team define your personal essence. From style consulting to shopping for your entire wardrobe, our service will take care of every detail.

- Shante Amour -

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  • Justin Hedrick

    When I engaged Shante on sprucing up my wardrobe, I knew quickly I could trust her to just run with it. Her fashion acumen and her warm attitude throughout make her a perfect styling consultant. She knew what I wanted before I even told her, and everything she selected was perfect.

  • Tory Palecek

    Shante has changed the way I fell about getting dressed in the morning, I used to dread putting together an outfit. Now I can’t wait to check the weather and my amazing options for the day.

  • Jessica Morris

    I get compliments all the time on my style. I have Shante to thank for that. She has changed the way I fell about fashion.

San Diego, CA , USA

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